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Since we are a small family owned and operated micro-roastery, we currently fall under the guidelines and requirements of the Texas cottage-food law. This means all of our coffee can be made available, but it must be sold directly to customers locally. This is something we accomplish via pre-orders and presence at local farmer's markets. If you are interested in any of our coffees or products, please use the link below, follow us on social media, or come see us!

Currently, we announce pre-orders via our social media channels and are involved with the Harvest Green Farmer's Market in Richmond Texas. If you select the coffee below, it will take you to our pre-order page through This will allow you to select one of our upcoming drop-off locations, based on your order we will prepare and have your order ready at the selected drop-off time, date, and location. Mostly our pick-up location will be the Harvest Green Farmer's Market every Saturday. However, if you would like to inquire about making other arrangments, please shoot us a message through our website (below) and we can create a personalized order. 


Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook for pre-order information. We will be at the Harvest Green Farmer's Market every Saturday unless otherwise notified on the socials. Other locations where we can be found are listed below.

We have had the pleasure of supplying coffee to the Houston Book Warehouse, where they brew up a pot of coffee to get out to their customers while they do their respective book shopping and reading.

Thank You!

Where we can be found!

Harvest Green Farmer's Market:

8939 Harlem Rd. 

Richmind, TX


Houston Book Warehouse:

17939 Kieth Harrow Blvd.

Suite 202

Houston, TX


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