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Since we are a small family owned and operated micro-roastery, we currently fall under the guidelines and requirements of the Texas cottage-food law. This means all of our coffee can be made available, but it must be sold directly to customers locally. This is something we accomplish through presence at local farmer's markets. If you are interested in any of our coffees or products, please use the link below, follow us on social media, or come see us! Currently, we make updates and announcements via our social media channels.

Ways you can find us: 

Harvest Green Farmer's Market (Every Saturday  from 9am-12pm during the summer)

Richmond Farmer's Market (Every first Friday of the month from 3-7pm)


Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more info!

We can also supply batch brews for events and bulk orders on coffee beans. For any more questions please drop us a note in the message form below at the bottom of the page.

Thank You!

Where we can be found!

Harvest Green Farmer's Market:

8939 Harlem Rd. 

Richmond, TX


Richmond Farmer's Market:

402 Morton St.

Richmond, TX


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