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Distinct Offerings

What we are currently roasting

Poiema Roast

Light to Medium
(Light/City to City +)

For the roasts that fall under this category, we will start by choosing a less dense bean usually grown at a higher elevation (>1200M). This typically results in a much lighter and fruitier cup of coffee. In this roast, you can expect distinct notes of citrus, floral, or even subtle caramel or chocolate. Makes for a great pour-over.

Current Poiema

Ethiopia Natural Sidamo

Grown in the Sidamo region, which is the most productive region in the country. This is a natural process bean, that takes anywhere from 8 to 10 days to fully dry. This particular roast has been crafted to brew a smooth cup that boasts notes of strawberry, raspberry jam, graham cracker, and cocoa.

Kairos Roast

Medium to Dark
(Full City to Full City +)

For a majority of kairos roasts, we will start with a more dense bean grown at lower altitudes (<1200M). Typically, one can expect a lower acidy and sweeter cup of brew, with some cocoa or even nutty flavor notes. A lot of these cups will make a nice espresso or espresso-based milk drink. These will boast the most balanced flavor.

Current Kairos

El Salvador Cerro Las Ranas

As a honey-processed bean, this is bound to have a sweetness to it, but at the same time a great balance for espresso drinks. This bean is grown and roasted to scratch that itch for a well-balanced cup! Expect notes of black cherry, baked apple, floral, marshmallow, and dark chocolate.

Why Poiema?

Why Kairos?

Poiema (po-eh-mah) is actually a Greek word that encompasses a variety of meanings. Quite literally poiema means "that which has been made". Beyond that, we get translated words like, "craftsmanship", and "workmanship" Most notably the word carries with it the idea of something being made with care, beauty, with intentional purpose, and utmost consideration. This word is used most famously in the Bible when speaking of God's purposes for His creation. A poiema is a masterpiece that exists when something is made to serve the perfect purpose for which it was created. We love this concept so much, that we wanted our lighter roasts to reflect this type of beauty and delight with every sip.

Kairos (kye-ross) is yet another Greek word that is used to express time. In Greek, there are a couple of different words that are used to express time, but we love kairos because of the implication that it carries. It's not simply time as a way we measure the passing of moments in our lives, but speaking of time as a particularly favorable moment or appropriate occasion for action. The key element that makes kairos unique is that it means to say, "Right now is a good time!" Kairos can be used in the context of a decision, or residing in a particular course of action. We desire to make a roast that we can respond to in this way. Every moment is a good time for a cup of coffee with friends.

Our Story 

We are the Nance family, and we think coffee is neat...

My wife and I have been married since 2008 and for a number of years, we've wanted to have some sort of venture together. However, we have been on quite a journey otherwise. I (Zac) spent many years in corporate America, and my wife (Allison) had a number of jobs in the hospitality space, including opening and managing a wedding planning business.

In 2016-2017 we began to sense a distinct nudge toward living and serving in Japan as missionaries. This was a wild adventure in-and-of itself, but we ended up being able to work in a local café in Sapporo Japan. I was given the freedom to develop the coffee side of the café. Roasting in-house, putting together a drink menu, and brewing some delicious drinks for our customers were just a few of my main duties. Along with that, my wife worked on developing a number of baked items and in-house snacks that could be had with a cup of coffee.

One thing that struck us every single day we walked into the café was a deeper purpose: more than simply making and serving a product, we got to invest in the community. 

We returned to Texas in 2022 and had a desire to start something similar here in Richmond, for the local community we know and love.

We have dreams of someday seeing Victory Point become an actual café, with chairs and all! But until then we are here to love people and to serve good coffee, and we are grateful for this opportunity.  

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