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Victory Point is a micro coffee roastery located in Richmond, Texas. We specialize in small-batch, versatile roasts using beans from around the world. We can also create a one-off artisan roast for seasonal tastes. As a small family-owned business, we understand the value of a good cup of coffee shared with the community around us. This is what drives us, and we strive to bring this ethos to each and every roast we produce.


Freshly Roasted 

At Victory Point Roastery, we take care in our freshly roasted coffee. Whether you enjoy a pour-over, French press, espresso, or the trusty drip machine, we've got you. The idea is to bring out the unique and distinct flavors in each cup. Check out our link below to view our current roasts. In addition to the beans themselves, if you have any questions about brew styles or ratios to best compliment the beans, we'd love to help you get it dialed in just right so you can spend more time enjoying that brew!


Sharing Time Together

Truth be told: I have fond memories of hearing stories of my grandfather consistently making room for his daily routine of waking up early to stop by the local café before work. He enjoyed starting his day with a cup of coffee and friendly conversation, so much so that this became an indispensable rhythm in his daily routine. It is just this type of setting where a good cup of coffee tends to be the most satisfying. one thing we see is that a beverage that is meant (to us) to encourage slowing down and enjoying moments of calm is turning into a beverage of fast convenience. We would love to see coffee turn back into a drink that can be shared with friends and enjoyed in those moments of calm. Victory Point Roastery wants coffee to be "for people" in the sense that it encourages community and relationship, it causes us to slow down from the hustle a bit and experience something more meaningful. We not only encourage enjoying coffee in a community setting, but we desire to work with and love the local community by providing for and serving the needs of those around us as we are able.

Locations & Hours

Coffee for People.

Located in Richmond, Texas.

Looking forward to serving you.

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